Book Sale

At SPiN you can order your textbooks with a discount! On international books you receive a 15% discount and on the Dutch books you receive the maximum 10% discount. This means that in your first year you will already save €61,28 on your books.   

To order your books at a discount you must be a member of SPiN. Are you not yet a member of SPiN? Then click here to sign up as a member. For only €15 you are already a member of SPiN.   

When you are a member, you can log in to the SPiN website and click under the heading ‘Study’ on the sub-button ‘Order Study Books’. You will then be automatically redirected to StudyStore where you can order your textbooks.  

To get to the correct book list, you can indicate which year and track you are in. Then you see which books you will need next semester. Here you can also indicate if you are a member of SPiN and thus get a 15% discount on your books. To complete your order, you must then log in to StudyStore. Payment can be made via iDeal, Sofort Banking, PayPal and Credit Card. It is important to note that your account for Studystore is not the same account as the one on the SPiN site.   

Each year, the Academic Relations Officer ensures that the book list is complete again so that all psychology students will order the correct books. Through contact between SPiN and the course coordinators, the book list is compiled and after that forwarded to StudyStore who then arrange everything regarding the ordering and delivery of your textbooks. It is important to note that SPiN thus creates the book list, but you ultimately order your books from StudyStore. They are also responsible for delivering the books on time. If you have questions about your order or delivery, please contact StudyStore customer service. For questions about the books, book list or other things you can always drop by the SPiN common room or send an email to 

*Do you not want to become a member of SPiN and thus miss out on the discount on your books? Then you can click here.