Dear reader,

The last very months as a member of the board of SPiN went very fast. We experienced and learned a lot of things and I enjoyed it very much.

What I liked most were the activities we organised together with the committees. The activities that are organised by SPiN vary a lot, from parties and trips to workshops and lectures. I really like the that the activities vary a lot, especially as the internal affairs officer, because with this function you are at most activities. I really like helping the committees with their activities and to see how good the activities turn out in the end.

Next to the activities from SPiN, I also really liked the constitution drinks were we got to know a lot of other boards from other associations. Further I liked the roomduties together with my fellow board members. A roomduty is something everyone of the board has two times a week. During these roomduties we are in the SPiN room with two of the board to respond to questions of SPiN-members, to sell summaries, play games and drink a cup of coffee or thee. What I have enjoyed most the last few months is getting to know so many nice people, especially the lovely friend group with whom I form the board of SPiN with.

Going to almost all activities, roomduties and organising activities can take a lot of time. With my function if feel like the busiest weeks are at the beginning of a period, the activities start then again as we do not have any activities during the exams. During the exams I have more free time. By planning well, I can find a good balance between finding time for SPiN and myself.

The last few months I learned a lot. For example I learned to plan well, I put almost everything in my agenda to have a good overview and to be able to work and meet friends.

It has been a few months but I am still really glad that I chose to apply to become a member of the board of SPiN. I am really thankful to get to know the girls of the board and that I can spend a lot of time with them this year. Further I am thankful for all the committees that I could help with the activities this year. I am really looking forward to all upcoming activities this year!

If you have any questions about my function or in general, then you can always call me or you can find my in the SPiN room.