Boardblog Anne

Dear reader,

Like the four before me already told you (sometimes the statutairy order can be annoying), time does fly really fast! When we were proposed as candidate board in June, we did not know who the others were. Now, we are a very close group of friends who spend almost every minute of every day together. This might seem like a lot, but we still have a lot of fun.

As academic relations officer I was a little startled in the beginning, because of the many meetings and bodies the university has from which I had no clue what they entailed. However, after more than twenty meetings, I can explain to you exactly what you need to prepare for which meeting. I am more than willing to explain this to you, because you off course always have wanted to know this 🙂

Apart from the meeting, I have had a lot of contact with university and the other associations within and outside our faculty. I also already started with contacting teachers regarding the book list for the first semester of net year. A task I work on neatly and with much care.

My favorite time of the year is slowly arriving, with much sun and two months full of nice activities and hopefully cozy and busy room duties. I cannot wait to share another evening dancing and drinking with you at our drinks and parties. Together with the other five amazing girls, we will do our very best to make sure the next half year will be amazing and without any worry (for you as members).

If you have any questions regarding my function, the board, or do you want to evaluate the party or activity from last night with me? You are always welcome to come to the SPiN room or send me a message via

Much love,