Board blog Tinco

The first few months of my board year are easily comparable to a rollercoaster. From the moment my fellow board members and I were voted in we started working with all hands on deck to make sure we started off right. For me specifically, this meant that I got in touch with a lot of first-year students to promote SPiN and recruit active members. Together, Iza the Formal Internal Affairs Officer and I spent two full weeks giving presentations while visiting living rooms. This brought me a lot of joy and energy. Being in touch with this many (unfamiliar) people and being able to enthuse them for SPiN gave me a lot of motivation for all other board tasks to come. Once all applications processed and the committees for this year were made, it was finally time to start my job supervising my committees. The supervising part was one of my function-specific tasks I was really looking forward to and therefore I was really curious about what kind of activities they would come up with and how they would execute those plans. Unfortunately, this got a lot more difficult because of COVID-19, which led to numerous activities being rescheduled or cancelled. Luckily, for some activities, we found an alternative way to carry out the committees’ plans online, which led to a few marvellous and fun nights!

Despite those marvellous nights, I did end up in a negative spiral for a while. Around mid-January, I realized that I had spent most of my board year so far doing general board tasks, which are obviously still important and overall nice tasks, rather than doing my function-specific tasks. This did make me somewhat sad and demotivated for a while.

However, my perspective for the upcoming months is a lot more cheerful and positive. There are a lot more activities coming up organized by my committees, which means I can pick up my function-specific tasks again. Even though some of these activities will be online, and even though my board year looks a lot different from what a normal board year would look like, I am very much motivated to get to it and put my fair share of work into this association!

Hopefully, we will get to see each other soon online or in real life. Either way, I’m looking forward to it!


Tinco Roebroek