Board blog Sophie

Dear Reader,
This was a rollercoaster year for me. For me, this year has flown by. I remember very well when I got the message that I was accepted for the twelfth board of SPiN. During the summer break we finally started with our policy days. During these days we wrote our policy which stated what we wanted to do the up coming year. These we very long days for us, especially because we did not know each other that well. Once the summer break was over my board year really started. This was very exciting. It still feels weird sometimes that people come to me to ask questions in the SPiN common room.
I have to say, even though it is a big cliché, de months really have flown by. I have learned so much this year. About myself but also about the other five board members. And I can tell you that I am so proud on all of them. We have all seen each other grow in the past year. I also have learned new things about myself. I had struggles with things I did not expect to be a problem. That was quite hard sometimes. Luckily, I also learned things about myself that I am good at. This year I have made experiences that will stick with me for the rest of my life.
It is hard to imaging that this year is almost over. Looking for a new board is a weird feeling. But somehow also a good feeling. Now is the time for us to hand over the stick to a new board and help them to become a great board so that SPiN can have another successful year. Anyway, I really enjoyed this year and that is partly thanks to you!
Lots of love,

Sophie Willems