Board blog Seray

Dear reader,

Looking back on the past half-year, the pace at which it went by feels surreal. In a flow of motion, we, as a board, flew from one agenda point to another. During which we got a lot of motivation and energy from working with each other. This was especially salient during the move. We spent days arranging and boxing all of SPiN’s many possessions (and boy there was a lot) so that they could be moved to the new building and the new common room. During these days, we encountered a lot of funny and odd items. SPiN’s storage locket was basically one big time capsule and we had the pleasure of digging through all of it. We boxed all the items in a total of 76(!) boxes. After saying farewell to the old common room, we endeavoured on exploring the new building. The Maria Montessori building is a gem, and I can’t wait till we officially get to set foot in there and welcome people to our new common room. Though before we can get to all that, there is still a lot of unpacking to do. And that will be quite the task!

It has been very instructive to work as closely with others as we do in our board year. I think this is due to the fact that you learn to work with a broad range of personalities. You see, everyone has their own approach to a situation. One of the things I appreciate about our board is that we give each other the space to do their tasks in their own way. For my tasks, I had to learn a lot about the way the website and the app work, especially during the early months. Furthermore, I was quick in structuring a work schedule and routine. Fixed tasks and deadlines are at the core of my function. So, getting the scheduling down early, proved to be rather helpful. Though the manner and quantity in which I had to organise my days is new to me, this was something I was comfortable with. In this fashion, the days, weeks, and months flew by without notice.

As with many things, a board year has its peaks and valleys, and this blog would not be an accurate reflection of the past half-year if these were not mentioned. As to be expected, COVID-19 and the subsequent measures issued by the government were a big bummer. The impact which COVID-19 has had on our board year has made so that we’ve had to be very flexible. Despite some of the hardships, this has caused us to endure, I am very proud of what we, as a board, have achieved so far. I find the efforts of the board and the active members to set up fun and interesting online activities incredibly admirable. It’s also really nice to see that people who have been sitting behind their laptop all day for their studies still choose to come to our activities and have a good time. In times like these, those are things from which I can extract an incredible amount of energy and motivation. That’s why I’m looking forward to the upcoming months, in which we have a whole bunch of activities coming up!

Be it online or otherwise, I hope to see you all soon!


Seray van Montfort