Board blog Mémé

Dear reader, 

It’s already March and that means that we have officially been the board for five months now, it’s going by so fast. From the beginning of this whole adventure on I’ve devoted a lot of my time and energy to SPiN and I must say, I am so happy with the choice I made to become a board member.  

I have learned so much over the past half year. A lot about myself, I now see much more clearly what my pitfalls are and what I’m good at. I’ve learned to work in and also ‘supervise’ a team of five wonderful persons. They have become my second family; I can truly say. When you work together so closely, you learn a lot about each other and about how to work together in the most effective, but also fun way. In May we are going on a board weekend together. Kirsten and I have organized it for the rest of the board. But we agreed to not tell the rest where we are going, which turned out to be very fun for us. The rest does their best try to find out where we’re going, but they haven’t had any luck so far. 

At the beginning of the year, we were all searching and trying to find out how we could be a good board, we were nervous and excited about what the board year would have in store for us. It’s fun to see how much we’ve developed and how we form the board of SPiN in our own way. The nerves are still there if we have big activities or important meetings, for example with the Parents day a few weeks ago. But they have also mostly faded away, because things that we used to be nervous about, are so normal now.  

One of the things I enjoy the most about being a board member is that I have met so many people, from members of SPiN to board members of other associations and it doesn’t end there. It has really broadened my social network and I’ve met a lot of great people I otherwise wouldn’t have met. Especially, the contact with our (active) members I really enjoy. It’s fun to work together and have great experiences with them. That’s also why I enjoy being the board supervisor of my committees. It’s fun to see how motivated most of the active members are and what creative things they come up with. 

The time flies by so fast, today I talked with a few of my fellow board members about the fact that we don’t want this year to end and now it’s already March! I still remember my selection talk like it was yesterday and now we are already busy with searching for a new board. Sometimes, so much happens that I forget to realize how happy I am with doing what I do now. While writing this piece, I feel glad that I have the opportunity to be a board member and I’m so excited for all the things still to come. 

I enjoyed sharing my experiences as a board member with you. If you would like to know more about being a board member, never hesitate to ask. I hope you also enjoyed reading this piece and I hope to see you soon at SPiN’s common room, at one of our activities or somewhere else we might bump into each other!  

Much love, 

Mémé Satter 

Chair 2019-2020