Board blog Leonie

Dear reader,

Lastly, it’s my turn for my board blog. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve got to know my nice fellow board members. At the start, we spent a lot of time together writing our policy and the budget. I’m still getting to know them and I try to see at least one of us at Uni or for dinner once every week.

When we got to be an official board, Ms Corona knocked on our doors in October. All the restaurants and bars closed, so immediately I didn’t have a job anymore since I worked at an Italian restaurant. I did have more time to see friends again, so that was really nice. Also, we packed up the SPiN-room and I said goodbye in my own way with all the nice memories I have of the SPiN-room. Now we have moved to the Maria Montessori building which I totally love. Preferably I’d work and study there every day.

What I’ve been busy with the last couple of months was studying, helping the Freshmen Committee (which I love doing since I also was in this committee) and looking for potential collaborations with the acquisition committee. I really love doing this and being in a committee, since I now still have more interaction now with some of our active members. Besides I introduced the phenomenon ‘’SPiN-fluencer’’, where I was in charge of the SPiN-stagram, which I also loved doing and inspired me for more nice SPiN-content. Furthermore, I’m doing a lot of other things behind the scenes, but I like to keep myself busy with these things!

Due to COVID, I did sometimes find it hard to motivate myself to study and to work for SPiN. Luckily I had my dear coach Isabel and friends to talk about this, which was really nice. I also noticed that I wasn’t the only one who was having a hard time, but we’re all in this together and we support each other. I did start to do more sports during the lockdown, so that’s something new. Moreover, I started a new job and I’m really motivated for the new semester of the studies. I noticed I’m getting more able to plan things, which is a goal I wanted to reach this year (I’m not there yet, but getting there) and that’s also a really nice thing I’ve noticed.

I’m looking forward to finishing this year with my amazing fellow board members, to learn more stuff and I secretly hope that we can finish off this year with a party (or more).

I hope to see you soon and stay safe!