Board blog: Julia

Dear all,

There I am, on the train back home on a Tuesday afternoon. A bit of a cold, but very satisfied. Normally I go home on the weekend, but that wasn’t possible in recent weeks. The weekends were full of fun activities. It started at the beginning of April with the board weekend to Porto. The location would be a surprise, but Amber had already spoken twice. Luckily, it didn’t spoil the fun, because we had a wonderful tourist, eat and chat weekend in the picturesque Portuguese town. You can see proof that we have been there on the fridge at the common room, there is a nice magnet souvenir!

Two weeks later, it was time to get a the next souvenir, one of Singapore, because that was the destination of the study trip. I had never been to Asia before, so it was pretty exciting. But man, how nice was that! The culture, the food, the warm (sweaty) weather and the group have made it an unforgettable week. Especially the going out night was unforgettable. Next to this, a special thanks to our private photographers, I’m definitely going to make a nice photo album after the exams. Always  nice for later.

After Singapore, there was no time to go home last weekend either, since the 47th edition of the Batavierenrace took place. A relay race from Nijmegen to Enschede with a big party at the end at the Twente University campus. I had never participated before, but the atmosphere is really indescribable. I think I will participate again next year, it was really nice! Furthermore, I do not have a souvenir in the form of a magnet, but in the end I had muscle pain and an ANWB membership.

Now it seems as if the board life is one big party and journey, which is actually true, literally and figuratively. That started exactly a year ago, because in the beginning of May, I had my job interview. I remember that I was bloody nervous. Fortunately I applied, because I have not regretted it at all. I got to know so many nice people and members, supervised nice committees and also attended many activities. For example parties, drinks, lectures, the conference, sport activities et cetera. This also means hours of meetings organize everything for you. In addition, I also ensure that the website and application remain up to date. Just look at it more often, it’s really fun! And if you have not yet downloaded the app, shame on you:)

As I just said, it has been a year since I applied for a board year, and oh man, time goes fast. And yes, all clichés are true, also the ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. We have achieved so much with five people and I’m proud of it. A few things will also have to happen in the upcoming months till the constitution of the new board. For example things that still have to be completed, preparations for the new board and saying goodbye to my board clothes. Fortunately, I don’t have to say goodbye to the association, I will certainly continue to contribute! Because once a blue heart, always a blue heart!



Secretary SPiN 2018-2019

P.S. This weekend I’m not going home again, because the legendary Active Members Weekend will take place. Exciting!