Board blog Iza

Dear reader,

Already half a year has passed. The day I got the phone call with the exciting news that I was given a spot within the XIIIth board still feels like yesterday. It was exciting and lots of fun to get to know a new group of people and go on this board year adventure with them. Because every day still is an adventure, I often do not realize how fast time passes and that we are already half way there.

The past months were intensely fun but sometimes difficult as well. This has helped me to learn a lot about myself, which I could then try to improve and evolve. I noticed this change not only with myself but also with my fellow board members. You watch everyone grow as a person and within their function in the board. I am happy and proud that I may be a part of this growth with this wonderful group. All of us try to develop SPiN as well as we can and to make SPiN still feel like a place to be welcomed to for everyone.

The thing I like the most about my board year and especially about my function is that you get to know a lot of (active) members. The enthusiasm of the (active) members inspires me and makes my board year even better.

Now we are at the time where we start to look for our successors for the XIVth board. This feels weird since I have the feeling we only just started. But I’m also excited about it. I am curious to see what the new view of the XIVth board will bring SPiN, and excited about how I will help my successor with the tips and tricks for the function.

I am really excited for the coming half year and everything that is left to come!


Iza van Blokland