Board blog Isabel Leemhuis

Dear readers,

This is already the second board blog that I wrote. I just got a flashback to when I wrote the last one in November, in the middle of the exams. We just started our board year with a whole bunch of fun activities and challenges to go. Now it is already June and we have a candidate board. Then these new amazing people will take it over from us. I am really looking forward to teach them everything about SPiN and to see how they, with their enthusiasm and new plans, will form the XIth board of the SPiN next year. To be honest, I’m also looking forward to focus on my study again next year, but I am also not quite ready to say goodbye.

Actually you realize at the end of the year, how great it really is that you all experienced this. I am extremely grateful for the six dear darlings who are always there for me. How nice it is to watch Temptation Island on the couch in SPiN’s common room after a busy day. How happy we were when we found a new guilty pleasure (Ex On The Beach). In addition, we have also developed other joint hobbies, namely Tinder, playing Dixit, watching horror movies, eating carrots with hummus and drinking skinny bitch.

However, in your board year it is not only about yourself and your board, but of course also about your members. I get a lot of energy when we can organise something, where we unite people and deliver the time of their lives. For example, this year I guided the study trip committee, which organized a great trip to Tokyo. During this trip we have discovered this amazing metropolis and  many friendships have been made. When I see how close this group has become, I feel very happy.

Okay this blog becomes way too sentimental, so it’s time that I close. Hopefully I see you on the last activities, so we can close the year with everyone. Kisses!