Board Blog Flore van Grunsven

Dear reader,

Now that September is over, and October is there, it is time for a new board blog.
Not only because of the start of a new college year, but also because of a completely new board. October is the month that the ninth board will hand over their responsibilities and their board pin to us. Since the end of May, when we heard we were going to be this year’s board, we have been extremely busy getting to know each other (even better) and writing our policy and financial budget.

Besides this being really exciting, because we are going to organise everything with and for you, there is also a lot of serious business. The past few months we have been working really hard on writing our policy to guide this year in the best way possible. This is of course a lot of seriousness, but there is enough spare time to relax. Playing games with each other and going to drinks is also part of it.

There are also a lot of activities we will have to take part in. Like the freshmen weekend that took place last weekend. We were making sure everything went as planned. These moments are the special ones, you are so busy doing one thing and at the same time with something completely else. Eventually this is all worth it, spreading your time throughout the whole week making sure everything works out. We are going to try and create special and fun activities. But there is also the tenth birthday of SPiN, this cannot pass without notice. Therefore, several amazing activities will take place. The first one, a lustrum lecture by Dick Swaab, just happened. And trust me, if you thought this was great, wait until you hear about the next lustrumactivities.

It is very special to start, together with six other people of whom some are unfamiliar, and begin a special year. On October 3 we have presented our policy, and this policy is agreed by the GMA (General Members’ Assembly), so now it all starts officially. From now on, we will start doing everything all by ourselves. Officially, we are becoming the tenth board om Monday October 16, when our financial budget is approved. We are working on all of this really hard, with a lot of help from the ninth board. This is really cool that now we all know everything and getting started with everything. I am really excited and enthousiastic in the upcomping lustrumyear of SPiN and am full of confidence that we, together with all of you, will experience a fantastic year.

With love, Flore van Grunsven – chair