Board blog Ellen

Dear reader, 

And then it was March… Oh how fast time has gone by! This board year is the definition of “time flies when you’re having fun”. We have a SPiN board for 6 months now. That makes you think back in time: just over than a year ago, I started looking into becoming a board member at SPiN; I went to an information meeting and to the speed date with former board members and I attended a board meeting. At the end of April, I had written my letter of application, mid-May I had the interview and at the end of May I got the news that I would be the treasurer of the next board and with whom I would form the XIth board. Then vague acquaintances, now friends. Together we have made a policy and budget, we have been officially approved as a board and now we have had dozens of activities and meetings. In the meantime, we are already looking for our own successors, and that feels very strange: we feel we have just started, and we are also busy for a while; we are now only halfway through our board year! 

In the meantime, I have been to 3 SPiN parties, 3 theme days, 2 SPiN drinks, 2 lectures, the master’s day, parent’s day, the SPiN gala, the city trip to Prague with the accompanying drinks. In addition, I also got to know the active members during the committee-board dates. You can imagine that I met a lot of new people during my board year, which of course is great fun! Behind all these activities is a lot of arranging and … a lot of money! It is fascinating to see how much money has been received and spent in this half year and that also shows why it is important that one person keeps an overview of these finances. I have already paid dozens of declarations and invoices, processed receipts and created direct debits. 

Around the time I write I am mostly busy with the contribution. You wouldn’t expect it, but a lot has to be done before the annual € 12 is debited from your account. Luckily, I get help from Julia, for example, to get the membership file complete. In addition, I also have to do all general board tasks, such as having room duties and preparing board meetings and writing a board update. And not to forget: the exams are coming and of course I have to study for that! Fortunately, I started this a while ago, since I don’t have much time for that at the moment. 

I have experienced a lot of fun moments in the past half year, which makes me curious what the next half will bring me. I am looking forward to it! 


Ellen van Duinhoven 

Treasurer 2018-2019