Board blog Dirk

Dear reader,

Early October last year, together with six amazing students, I had the pleasure to take over as the board of SPiN. Many board members have described time flying by incredibly fast throughout the first months of their year, but thinking back to how many challenges we already faced and how much we’ve grown, it actually feels like we’ve been going for longer. Despite all the challenges of the times, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else than be a board member of SPiN right now.

In my function as Academic Relations Officer, I’ve learned a lot and I’m becoming more skilled in representing SPiN, and psychology students in general, to the University and other associations. The things that have motivated me most, so far, are the initiatives we’ve been able to set up to make life for students in these times a bit more endurable. I’ve been able to contribute a lot to the study groups of SPiN, but also to the road map for study associations that’s being put into use all over the University. Furthermore, I’ve found it really interesting to coordinate the book sales and make sure that hundreds of Psychology students can once again get their study materials, and with a discount even (;
I’ve also been able to learn where some of my pitfalls are over the last months. Especially when it comes to deliberating or negotiating with other organisations. I’m mostly trying to learn to find a balance between setting my foot down on the one hand and being able to compromise and cooperate on the other. Fortunately, I always have my fellow board members and helpful predecessors who advise me whenever I get stuck.
As a board member, you have a lot of challenges and face a lot of situations you haven’t faced before. This means you’ll often run into yourself and it makes you get to know yourself a lot better. I’ve noticed this myself in the past few months and I’m very curious to see what sides of myself I can learn to develop in the remainder of the year.

Even with all the limitations of this year, I’ve had the good fortune of getting to know a lot of people inside and outside of SPiN. I’ve heard a lot of impactful stories from students about how they experience life during Corona. Sometimes it can be hard looking past the limitations, but looking back on how much we’ve already achieved with a lot of creativity, I’m actually fairly proud of what we’ve done so far.

Our board, as a group, has grown quite a bit over the last few months. We are a lot more attuned to one another and are learning to work together much better. I think this will really help us take on the challenges that will, undoubtedly, be ahead. Beside this, we have, despite forced online meetings, gotten a lot closer personally. I’m really curious to see how we will further develop as a group and I’m looking forward to take on the rest of the year with my awesome fellow board members. We still have a lot to learn, but I believe we can save SPiN (from corona).


Dirk Couwenberg