Board blog Chinouq

And then it’s finally time for my blog. As the very last one…

Time … time is something that is very important during your board year. Time is something in which you can plan things but you always have too little of, and time is something that flies by.

At this moment we already have a new candidate board who wants to start their year full of enthusiasm.

In my head it is like yesterday that we became the candidate board. All the enthusiastic reactions, the joy, energy and ideas that arose. However, as time flies, we have already reached the end of the year. Summer has already arrived, holidays are being booked and the beers on the terraces are ready. It is time to look back and to think about the highlights of your year. The study trip, the City trip, the board weekend, all the parties, the constitution drink, all committee board dates, Insomnia, the gala… One by one beautiful, fun and pleasant moments to look back on…

When I write this I am sitting in the train to the city where I was born, Venray. Where, just like in Nijmegen, there are also many memories and beautiful moments. During a board year it is sometimes nice to be able to relax with your family and friends through all the hectic, energetic moments. Have a good sleep, eating lots of food (without costs) and catching up with everyone. Unfortunately, this did not really happen in recent weeks, due to all the fun things that a board year entails. Blame on the board weekend, study trip, batavieren race, active members weekend and the mentor weekend. But it certainly was all very fun! Although, I am also looking forward to spend a weekend in my trusted village and see all my family and friends here again.

This weekend, just like you, I will unfortunately also be busy studying for the exams! You are probably also working on that now… So I say bye, so you can return to your laptops in the library or at home and study. Then I will now try to gather some concentration to watch weblectures again. Good luck with your exams and hope to see you soon!

Xx Chinouq