Board blog Anne

Dear members,

Since the fantastic idea of board vlogs did not get approved by the rest of the board, I will write my thoughts and feelings about the past months in this blog. Prepare yourself for a lot of clichés and ‘tile wisdom’, because it’s been quite a ride.

Oh man, time goes so fast. As former board members told us at the start of the year: SPiN time flies by. Very cliché, but no less true. It feels like yesterday that I was nervously trying to squeeze my couscous down my throat before our very first General Members Assembly. I still feel the relief and pride that caught us on our first activity and the excitement for the first meeting outside of Nijmegen. In the meantime, the last chapter of this year has arrived, our candidate board will be announced in the coming weeks and the last study credits have to be obtained.

It is difficult to express the past months in a few words. I can write a book about the chaos and my busy schedule, but also about the new experiences, highlights and everything I have learned this year. The change from my quiet and slightly boring first two years in Nijmegen to this board year was huge. Although I spent the first years studying full-time, I only saw the inside of a lecture hall three times this year. This year is all about getting to know new people and going out, but also about learning to be responsible and proclaiming my opinion and visions. And above all, this year is about enjoyment. I enjoy giving our members a great evening and organising activities with my fellow-board members. I enjoy exploring new talents and taking on challenges, more than I could imagine beforehand.

There are multiple activities, moments and experiences this year that will stay with me forever. I went on my first skitrip ever to Risoul in March and I was beyond scared and pessimistic. I was sure I would spend the week at the Après Ski bar due to a lack of ski talent. But surprisingly, I turned out to be more stable on the slopes than on the benches during après ski! Other highlights of this year are the Active Members’ Pubcrawl, the SPiN parties, various successful meetings and the board weekend to Porto!

Although my high energy levels of the beginning of the year now and then make room for symptoms of sleep deprivation, I look forward to the last wave of activities in May and September. My committees are both busy with organising the Active Members Weekend (The event of the year!) and the Dies! I look forward to start the new year in September with parties and lectures and contaminate new students with my enthusiasm for the association!

The idea that I will soon have to say goodbye to SPiN’s common room as my home base and to change the board shirt for my own clothing, feels awkward. In addition, it really is time to do the dishes at home again, instead of just in SPiN’s common room. Besides I am beyond excited to find out who is going to run SPiN for the upcoming year and am looking forward to stimulate the candidate board in all their new and creative ideas.