Board blog Amber

Dear reader,

We are already halfway through the year, I can’t believe it. Time is flying. Not only because I’m having fun, but also because there is just so much to do! I remember starting this board year with the thought: It’s going to be a long, intense, but most of all fun year. But now that we are already halfway through, i realize that sometimes i need to sit down and just enjoy all the nice moments before it’s over.

Its already been a few months since we are officially the executive board. I remember that it was such an exciting moment when you are finally officially voted in as the new board. Also, it was so so scary. It meant that now we had to do everything by ourselves and solve problems ourselves. But it also meant we finally had the freedom to let our creativity out and contribute our ideas to the association. I remember the nerves we had right before our first activity. Will it go well? Will people come? Now, a few months later, it feels really normal to organize our own activities and the nerves have turned into excitement.

At the moment of writing I’m busy with a lot of stuff at the same time. Not only studying for exams because its exam time, but also for SPiN. We just wrote the first board updates, and now I’m busy with writing pieces for the next GMA that is coming. This year, I’m also guiding the study trip committee. The registration for the trip just opened and together with the committee I’m very busy with promoting the event and approaching people personally to join us on the trip. That is what I love the most about being in the board so far, having contact with the members and the active members. Especially organizing events together with the active members is so fun. Like I said, exams are coming up and I definitely need to study more. I noticed the past few months that even though you say you are going to a lecture of doing the homework, I still end up doing things for SPiN when I should be studying. That’s why I have some catching up to do but that’s alright. Everything I want to do for SPiN, I want to do perfect and that’s why I don’t mind putting so much effort into it. In the end we all want to really contribute something to the association and I am still glad I got the opportunity to do so this year.

Another thing I really enjoy about a board year is that I can really work on my personal goals. This year already thought me a lot such as how to speak in front of a big crowd and how to come up with creative solutions that might come up during your board year. Because obviously it is a year with ups and downs and a year in which I will learn a lot of things. I am looking forward to the rest of the year and the activities that are still to come. February is going to be another busy month with lots of cool activities, but then again, when isn’t it? I told myself to make sure I enjoy the rest of the year with my fellow board members because it will be over before we know it and in a few months,  we will already have a new candidate board.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my experiences as a board member and I hope to see you all soon at activities or at SPiN’s common room!

Much love,

Amber Timmerman

Chair 2018-2019