Board blog Rona

It’s day 369 since my picture with 5 others was shared as the XIIth candidate board of SPiN. I don’t get how it can be the end of May already, but this number doesn’t lie. In these 369 days, the decision to become a board member has proven itself to be right by numerous moments. Are you up for some traveling? Hop on my train down memory lane!  

During the summer we started writing the policy, where we first started to work as a team. The orientation week brought us a lot of partying, as did the freshmen weekend. In both I got to know a lot of first year students, of whom a lot have become an active member or are often present at our activities. October brought us the constitution drink and the GMA where we were officially voted in. In November I could share a critical view in the GMAs of SOFv and Kompanio and have the best time in the karaoke bar with the Active Members Pubcrawl. December was the month techno beats during Insomnia and Christmas carols during the Christmas Cantus. January was about a lot of catching up and a lot of coffee in the SPiN room. February took me to the beautiful city of Hamburg with its impressive photography gallery, vintage stores, Reeperbahn and the weirdly shaped steps-to-the-upper-bed which involuntarily brought up my inner athlete. March let me experience my future and offered me some Crisis Management 101. From then on, we took our activities to the wonderful world of the interwebs. I had not imaged myself running a solo-but-together online Batavierenrace, giving dance workouts via videocalls or hanging around in the first ever online SPiN room.  

We passed Memory Lane and the train brought us where we are now. (wow, so poetic!)  
My schedule has drastically changed. I’m starting to live in something that’s close to call a healthy day-night rhythm, the hanging around in the SPiN room has moved to my parents’ living room and there’s no Shirley around (yes dear people, our printer has a name) to blame for every minor inconvenience in my life. However, a lot of  board work is still going on which one might not expect from a (social) distance (wink). 

I’m currently contacting the lectures for the literature of the first semester, so besides Dutch, English, some German (Nicht lang schnacken, Kopf in Nacken), and the mastering of the single phrases explaining how I do not speak French/Polish in French/Polish, I’m fluent in ISBN now too.  
Other usual things like board meetings, supervising the magazine committee (have you read their nice articles already?) or preparing the transfer is (luckily) still going on.  

Although I can only imagine how much fun the past and upcoming months could have been, I’m trying to stick to memories that we already made (cheesyyyy). The internet is nothing new to us so social distancing should not keep us from having fun! As I like to say: Life is no pony camp and you cannot always roll a six. But, we also know if you keep rolling long enough (with dices, not with ponies!) that it will work out.  

Take good care of yourself and take the break universe offers you. I can’t wait to all see you again.  

Love, Rona  

(coRona hahahaha you’re such a genius no one has thought of that joke before)