Board blog Kirsten

Time has gone by so fast. In two weeks, our beautiful board year will really come to an end. At the moment we are writing our annual report, which means that we are critically looking back on our year… Only then will you see how many special things we have been through as a board.

Last year came with lots of up and downs. A very big up for me was the city trip to Hamburg. I enjoyed it so much with my fellow board members and all the SPiN members who came along. You go there with a lot of sense of responsibility because you are the board, but thanks to the great committee I was able to relax a bit. And then it became March and the corona crisis started. We all had to cancel all the planned activities. But that didn’t mean it couldn’t still be fun. Although the online activities weren’t very busy, I enjoyed it from my bedroom at my parents’ house. 

I got to know a lot of nice people this year, enjoyed every activity of SPiN and learned a lot this year. But now the time has come for us to hand everything over to the next board.

Currently the candidate board is busy writing their policy plan. They are putting their grand plans for the association on paper. And what am I doing in the meantime? With pain in my heart I’m finishing up everything. Finishing up the last to do’s and helping the candidate board realize their big plans. But I will also start a new adventure. Next year I will be the proud chair of N.K.S.W. Kompanio.  That shows that I really enjoyed the past year.

Dear members, thanks for the great year and see you soon!

Love, Kirsten.