Board blog Gwendolyn

Dear reader,  

An unbelievable half-year has rushed by. I can still remember as if it was just yesterday that I applied for the board and that I got a phone call a few weeks later. I sat on my balcony, enjoying the sun, writing my research paper. I had been waiting in suspense the entire day for the phone call. To no ones surprise, I wasn’t that focussed on that research paper and I admit to not writing a lot of useful parts that day. Finally, I got the liberating phone call. I was chosen to become part of the board! Yes, that’s all that I needed to know, and I was ready to shout it from my balcony. However, the phone call wasn’t over yet. After hearing, with a bit of surprise, what my function would be, they told me with whom I would do this amazing board year. From the five I only knew one, and even him I didn’t know that well. Then it sunk in that I would spend my year with, initially, strangers.  

After the policy and budget days during the summer break and the fun evenings, we already spend together, the nervous feeling had already faded. The group didn’t consist out of strangers anymore. The board had found a way into my heart. Sweethearts every single one of them. They are my second family now. Never have I seen people as happy as when I told Mémé, Kirsten and Rona that I passed my courses and could finally also be officially part of the board. They jumped and screamed. The members that were in the common room looked as if we turned mad, maybe we had, just a little. The feeling at least was one of pure happiness.  

Then the adventure could finally start for real. The long days were already happening. In the morning room duty, afterwards a meeting and in the evening an activity, the perfect day. Tired isn’t in my vocabulary this year. Together with the board and the members, you are able to do something magical. Last year you would have only been able to get me out of bed before 10:00 if I had an exam and now I do it happily. The half-year of being a board member has changed me in so many ways. From taking responsibility and being able to work in a close-knit group to working more productively and meeting more deadlines, planning is key.  

A board year for me was not only to get to know myself but most of all to have a lot of fun, which has happened a 100%. It started with the freshmen weekend when we were still the candidate board. I enjoyed enthusing the first years and to get to know them. I definitely made some good friends there. Besides that, we had the cantus, I don’t think I have been covered in that much beer before or after that evening. We also had the Christmas cantus later this year, organized by the sociocultural (one of my committees!). It was pure enjoyment to see all the drunk members singing and to see the ingenious punishments my committee came up with. In February we had the gala. After seeing the process behind the screens for months by the committee (one of mine again) I was ready to see everyone in gorgeous dresses and suits and to dance the night away. Another perfect night for in the history books. 

It is weird to already be looking for a candidate board, while I still have the feeling that we have only been the board for a month now. The year hasn’t become easier with the changes due to Covid-19. The entire society has changed of course, and SPiN is part of that. After the crisis management at the beginning it’s finally time for fun activities again. Tomorrow is the first one, a Netflix evening! I’m curious to see which movie the member will choose. Hopefully, I’ll see you there or at one of our other online activities!  

Lots of love, 

Gwendolyn Hermans 

Secretary 2019-2020