Acquisition committee

Hii, my name is Anouk and I’m this year’s (part-time) chair of the Acquisition committee. Unfortunately only part-time, as hopefully I’ll be finishing my bachelor’s with the Brummies (UK) later this year. Watching my bank account grow is something I enjoy, but within this committee it will take a bit more than creating tikkies… I’m excited about overcoming my slight telephobia and becoming the next Wolf of Spin Street!

Hey! I’m Dennis, and as secretary I’ll be overseeing most of the mail- and paperwork for the Acquisition committee. Even though this function tends to put me behind screens, I actually prefer direct contact; a good pitch is not written down – it’s best said out loud. (As it happens, that also saved me a telephone call, but I digress.)

Heey! My name is Sarah Lisa and I am a general member. I joined a little later, but that doesn’t make me feel less excited! I look forward to getting in touch with the companies and explaining them who we are! Handling money is something I still can learn a lot about…. So enough to learn! Making money in our neighborhood with our shop where we sold loom bands used to be my biggest hobby, but now I would like to learn about the real thing!

Hi, my name is Anniek and this year I am a  general member of the acquisition committee. I’m looking forward to acquire sponsordeals and goodies for SPiN in a creative way. I also hope to overcome my telephobia this year, just like our chair

Hi everyone! My name is also Anouk and I’m the vice-chair of the bunch but I take being a chair over from the other Anouk when she is abroad. I’m in the board of SPiN as External Affairs Officer and I’m not only guiding this committee, I’m also a member myself! The acquisition committee helps me find sponsors and goodies. Usually I’m too scared to look at my own bank account but hopefully I can acquire more money for the association. Besided that it’s my goal to help my committee with their telephobia



The Acquisition committee