The XIVth board of Study association Psychology in Nijmegen

Every year in October, the members of the SPiN board pass the torch to new student members. This year, these students are distributed over six functions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Internal Affairs Officer, Academic Relations Officer, and External Affairs Officer. They commit themselves to SPiN and its members for one year and become part of the association’s daily management.

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Marin Kellaert 

Dear reader,

For the upcoming year, I will be the chair of this amazing association. My name is Marin Kellaert and I am 20 years old. I might not be the oldest of this board, but I am obviously the wisest;). My hometown is Zeist and that’s where I grew up. Zeist is a small village next to Utrecht and I live in Nijmegen for over two years now. I travel back and forth to Zeist regularly to see my friends, family and to play hockey.

I am now in my third year of the bachelor. I am looking forward to focus mainly on SPiN for the upcoming year and focus a bit less on my studies.

In my first year as a student, I was in the Party & Drink committee, unfortunately that was a bit different than expected, because of COVID. The past year I was the chair of the Collaboration Committee and I really liked that. I enjoyed organizing activities for SPiN and get to know a lot of new people. These were my two biggest reasons to apply for a board year. This year, I hope to make it an unforgettable year for you, and I hope to get to know many of you!

Because of my FOMO (fear of missing out), I want to be part of everything, so you will probably see me a lot during activities or at the SPiN common room. Besides that, I enjoy making stickers of everyone and I love to do random dances. Hopefully, you are as excited as I am for this year!! If you want to dance, have a nice chat, or drink a cup of coffee, you can contact me always and everywhere. Do you have a question or a nice pictures to make stickers with? You can always email to

With love,


Boardblog Marin


Raisa Rambaran

Heyy everyone!

My name is Raisa Rambaran, I’m 20 years old and this years Secretary! Let me introduce myself very quicky: even though I’m Dutch I’ve lived in Switzerland and Germany for most of my life, which means that I speak German and Dutch fluently. Also, my English is quite acceptable.

I’m in my third year of the bachelor and have been an active member for the past 2 years. First, I was in the Skitrip committee and after that I was in the Gala committee. So I’ve been involved with SPiN for quite some time.

In my free time I like to eat & very rarely like to sport. Also, I enjoy meeting up with friends, traveling to exciting places and making bets I probably won’t win anyways.

As a secretary you’ll mostly see me typing, which I can’t to for the life of me haha but practise makes perfect (I hope). With typing I mean making the minutes during meetings and administrative tasks in the background that are important for the association, such as the website, Social Media & mails. Moreover, I’m boardresponsible for multiple committees and present at many activities!

I look forward to meeting all of year this year! Please stop by the SPiN room whenever you like for a cup of coffee, tea or simply to chill, and join our various fun activities from our lovely 22 committees! If you have any question, please text me or send an email to

Lots of love,

Raisa 🙂

Boardblog Raisa


Kristina Losensky 

Hello everyone,

My name is Kristina Losensky, I am 20 years old and currently in my second year. This year, I will be the treasurer of SPiN. This means that I am responsible for certain financial aspects of the association. I chose to become a board member as it seemed to be a great idea to meet new people and to make new experiences. Last year, I have been part of the orientation committee which already gave me the opportunity to collect some great experiences with SPiN. Therefore, I am looking forward to a great year at SPiN.

When I am not busy with SPiN or my studies, I like to meet my friends, go out for walk in order to photograph the landscape. So, in case you know any nice location in Nijmegen which is worth some shots let me know. I am really open for suggestions because I have the feeling that I do not know Nijmegen that well, yet.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone in real life, regardless whether it is for a cup of coffee or tea at the SPiN room or at one of the fun activities.In case you have any questions do not hesitate to talk with me when you see me around. Of course, you are also more than welcome to send an email to

Kind regards,


Boardblog Kristina

Internal Affairs Officer

Esmée Jansen


This year I will have the function Internal Affairs Officer within SPiN. My name is Esmée and I am 21 years old. I am from a small village in the Achterhoek, it is called Dinxperlo. At the moment I life in Nijmegen, but I regularly come to Dinxperlo for friends and work.

I am in my third year now and I follow the Dutch track. This means I am active at SPiN for a while now. In my first year I was part of the Freshmen Committee where we organised fun activities for the freshmen. In my second year I was in the Orientation Committee where we organized Experience Your Future, together with SPS-NIP. This year as Internal Affairs Officer I will guide most of the committees at SPiN.

Beside my function at SPiN I like to play tennis, go for a run, drink wine with friend, go out and I like to travel.

I look forward to make a great year out of this year and I hope I will meet you all at activities of SPiN or at the SPiN room. I am always in for a cup of thee or to talk. 🙂 You can also always email my via:


Esmée Jansen

Boardblog Esmée

Academic Relations Officers 

Anne van Poppel

Dear reader,

My name is Anne van Poppel and I will fulfill the function of Academic Relations Officer this year. I am 21 years old and born and raised in Eindhoven. I have been living in Nijmegen for a year now, and expect to stay for a little while longer is this lovely city.

I am currently in the second year of my studies, and have been a member of SPiN for only one year now. Although most of the year was online, I loved being an active member in the acquisition committee. In my free time I like to play hockey, have a drink with friends, go to festivals, and travel to new exciting places.

As Academic Relations Officer I will be responsible for representing SPiN and the wishes and needs from students to the University. In addition, you can always contact me if you have any questions with regard to the book sales.

I hope that I will meet and get to know you soon at one of our activities or in the SPiN room. You are  always welcome to come to me for a talk or a cup of coffee. You can offcourse also send me a message via

Kind regards,

Anne van Poppel

Boardblog Anne

External Affairs Officer 

Anouk Toma

Hey everyone!

Last but not least 😉 My name is Anouk Toma, I’m in my second year of the bachelor and with my 21 years old I’m the oldest of the bunch. This year, I’m the External Affairs Officer of this beautiful association. This means that I’m in charge of the sponsoring, contracts, fixing nice deals and discounts for our members and I maintain contact with our external parties, like the bars. Besides that I’m also a member of the acquisition committee and the lustrum committee.

I was born and raised in the beautiful south of Limburg in a city called Kerkrade. I live in Nijmegen since the beginning of my study and I fell in love with the city, but my roots will always be in the south. I get to hear regularly that I have a fun accent, even though it’s kind off a mix now, and people like to hear me speak Limburgs. Besides that there is no better place in the country to celebrate Carnaval than in Limburg, so I know how to party.

Last year I was the chair of the Party & Drinks committee and I liked it despite COVID-19. I liked to organise activities and to meet new people. It seemed like a fun challenge to do a board year and like a fun way to get to know even more people. In the meantime I’m right at home in this association and my heart turned royal blue. It also helps a lot that I’m in the board with five amazing other girls.

I really enjoy hanging out with friends, have some drinks and dance some and to explore new things and places. I also like to do sports, if I find the motivation for it, but you can also always count on me for food. Besides that I have two sweet dogs with whom I like to cuddle. If you ever visit us in the SPiN room, I’ll be the one who is being very clumsy or who is taking a nap.

I’m very excited for the upcoming year and I can’t wait to meet you all! If you have any questions or if you want to talk, you can always mail to

Love, Anouk

Boardblog Anouk