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SPiN Lend Service

Dictionairies, calculators, USB-sticks and laptop/phone charger


Freshmen weekend: Jolly Jungle Vibes

♫In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion dances tonight♫ Dear freshmen, Do you want to look for the bare necessities and forget about your worries? We gonna offer you an awesome weekend, full of Read more

Beer biking through Nijmegen

Dear beer drinker and beloved student of Nijmegen, You are lucky! You are lucky because you have the chance to join an amazing tour through Nijmegen. On this tour we will bike through Nijmegen on Read more


Get ready to get rocked, because THE big event of September is about to take place. This year, De Waagh will once more function as a stage for up-and-coming bands from Nijmegen, who will provide Read more

Excursion: Wingerd

Are you interested in the workfield of a psychologist for elderly people and did you always want to have a look into a rest home? If so, then come with us on our excursion to Read more