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SPiN Lend Service

Dictionairies, calculators, USB-sticks and laptop/phone charger

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Freshmen Pizza and Game Night

Are you looking for new people or just want to have a fun night with your friends? Do you like playing games and competing with your team mates? Are you a pizza lover? Then the Read more

Daytrip to Delft

Do you already know Nijmegen by heart? Is the city already becoming boring? Are you like Dora the explorer excited to go to new places? We give you the change to get to know another Read more

Lecture VPEP is the new black

Close your books or pause your Netflix episode and listen up, because it is time for SPiN’s first lecture of the year 2018/2019! The lecture’s theme will be about person-oriented  experiential psychotherapy. This is a Read more

SPiN(k) party: on Wednesdays we wear pink!

Done with your exams and are you already excited for another SPiN-party? You are welcome on Wednesday November 21th on 23.00h in the El Sombrero. And just like the famous mean-girls quote: ‘on Wednesdays we Read more