Boardblog Marin

Dear reader,

The time goes by so fast!! It is March now, and we are approximately five months the official board now. It also feels like the end of my board year is getting closer..:(

A lot has happened in the past few months, from nice experiences as amazing drinks, trips and fun workshop. But also some less fun things like the board rooms and horeca being closed due to corona.
These different events made me learn a lot about myself, my tasks as a chair and board member and everything around the association.
Together with the other five board members we are really close and the atmosphere within the group is really good. Our connection is so close, because you see each other 24/7, so talk about everything and you are all going through the same experience.

I’m still so blessed and happy that I decided to apply for a board year, because you learn a lot about yourself and others that you will not learn with just following your study. It’s all about the experience and it’s my best experience from the past few years!

The upcoming months are going to be pretty busy and amazing, with a lot of fun things.
I really hope to see you all:)
You can always contact and approach me if you have questions or for a nice chat!