Boardblog Kristina

Dear readers,

Five months of the board year already passed by which were filled with new experiences. I might not be the only person to say that, but it feels like it was yesterday that I received the phone call with the exciting news that I have been accepted for doing a board year at SPiN.

The past months consisted of a lot of fun activities such as trips, parties and drinks, interesting lectures – just to name a few. Luckily, most of them were happening in real life. Unfortunately, we needed to change some activities due to Corona. But I am glad that everyone was trying to make the best out of it, so we still had some nice activities in the end even though we pictured them differently in the beginning. This made it easier to deal with a couple of setbacks happening.

During the past months, I also got to know my fellow board members better as we see us nearly every day. Not only related to SPiN but also on an informal level, which is great. Being the treasurer of the association is about being responsible for the finances of the association which sometimes means to stop the enthusiasm of my fellow board members – but luckily, they are also there in case I have questions or need some help. Therefore, I am glad that we work together as a team and try to support each other where necessary.

I am happy that I decided to do a board year because it taught me a lot about myself, I also acquired some knowledge about finances – thanks to my position This would not have been possible just my studying. I am looking forward to the upcoming months of the board year.

I hope to see you around at the SPiN room or at any upcoming activity!