Boardblog Anouk

Dear reader,

Like the other girls before me said, the past few months as board at SPiN flew by. There have been so many fun things and I have enjoyed it, but I also learned a lot.

We have organised a lot of fun activities. The beginning was a bit rough because of COVID-19 where we had to adjust, move or cancel activities a lot last minute. Luckily in the mean time we can organise the activities as we imagined!

I want to thank all the committees for their hard work to organise fun activities and to come up with good ideas. Besides that I of course also want to thank the other 5 girls of the board. I remember the first day we met and no one knew each other. But we all knew that we would see each other every day and that we would become friends. At the time I thought that was a bit weird but now I can’t imagine this board year without them. We see each other a lot and we have become close friends in a short time. It’s not only working hard but it’s also a lot of fun! We have been through a lot together and we’re only going to experience more together!

I’m very happy that I chose to do a board year. It’s an experience that you can’t get in any other way and I can recommend it to everyone! I’m looking forward to the next months, because we have a lot of fun stuff planned. I hope to see you all there!

You can always contact me for any questions or just to talk via or stop by at the SPiN room!