Bestuursblog Louis

Dear reader,

The days are getting longer and the weather better. With it, the sudden realization that it is nearly May already. Really, May already? That means the end of the board year is already slowly in sight. I remember, when I was thinking about doing a board year that it felt like a very big step to dedicate a whole year to SPiN and now I would gladly prolong the year just a little bit longer. When we got selected in the beginning of the summer last it all still felt so far away. Then the first meetings, getting to know everyone and starting with our policy. What was back then making a plan with some girls I barely knew, I now see as start of a friendship and experience for life. We had countless meetings, discussed and decided things, stood in front of GMAs and now we are already looking for the next group to hand over this beautiful experience. It all felt like a racing dream till now, and I am not sure if I am ready to wake up yet.
I mean I have been to parties, theme days, drinks, lectures, the gala, the cantus, the active members pub-crawl and many more activities. I have seen the planning and decisions behind these activities and got to know the people who are eager to organize these activities as well as the people who are interested in attending these. Next to that I organized the finances of SPiN, learned to keep an overview in a mountain of numbers and keep my eyes on the goal of each spending and earning.
Currently I am in the process of finish the contribution collection, which is a lot of work but thankfully I am assisted by Gwen. Further, I am supervising the Media and Yearbook committee which is busy with working on the yearbook, to look back at all the fantastic events and experiences of this SPiN year. It is sad to see that the board year is moving to an end but gladly there are still a few month to be enjoyed and I am also excited to see the new group of people who will take over our place.

Lots of Love,
Louis Papstein
Treasurer 2019-2020