Board Blog Isabel Leemhuis

Dear Members, 

It’s my turn to write the second board blog of this year. At the beginning of the year, we had the fantastic idea of making board vlogs in the context of modernization. I really thought this was a nice fun idea, so I told the other boardmembers that I wanted to make the first one. When eventually the bust came to my head and the exams came closer, I was a little regretful of my big mouth and I decided to stay with the safe boardblog. I think this is a pity, so maybe there is another time it will appear. Otherwise, from one of the other boardmembers. 

Board Blog Flore van Grunsven

Dear reader,

Now that September is over, and October is there, it is time for a new board blog.
Not only because of the start of a new college year, but also because of a completely new board. October is the month that the ninth board will hand over their responsibilities and their board pin to us. Since the end of May, when we heard we were going to be this year’s board, we have been extremely busy getting to know each other (even better) and writing our policy and financial budget.

Lustrum lecture: Dick Swaab

This year SPiN celebrates her 10th birthday!
In less than 10 nights of sleep it is finally there: the first lustrumactivity of the 2nd lustrum! Because we are so grown up already, a big informative lecture will be held by no one less than Dick Swaab. He is going to talk about our 'creative brain'. After this lecture you will definitely earn a perfect 10 on your upcoming exams! The lecture will be held in English and will take place on the 5th of October, so block this nigth in your calendar!
Tickets will be available from 26-09 at 10:30h. at SPiN's common room or online.

Missing confirmation mail

Dear members,

It has been found that some members who attempting to sign up will not receive a confirmation email. If you signed up online, you are a SPiN-member. If the logg in doesn't work out, you can always come by at SPiN's common room. We will be open again at the 4th of September. 


Master guide 2017-2018

Dear members,

The master guide for 2017-2018 is now available! In this master guide you can find a lot of information concerning the masters offered in the Netherlands.

You can find the master guide on the website.

Good luck with you master choice!