Freshmen's Weekend: Gender in the Blender

Dear first year students!

Do you want an awesome weekend, full of nice games, parties, dancing, drinks and nice people? Do you want to get to know your study mates outside the university? And do you have time from the 29th of September till the 1st of October? Sign up on Tuesday (19th of September) for the best weekend of the year - the Freshmen's weekend! The theme gonna be "gender in the blender" en we're looking forward to funny costumes and crazy (gender-) games.
It won't cost you more than 25€, this includes drinks and meals!
The nice location in Wellerlooi can be reached easily by bus or car.
Don't miss the chance and sign up in SPiN's common room quickly, because full=full!


Since it’s the beginning of this academic year, it’s time for our yearly event: Psypop! Come enjoy live music of various music bands. Different kinds of music will be played so everybody will be able to enjoy the evening. So come have a drink, the bands will be announced this week.
The first band will be starting at 8 pm so make sure you are there on time, so you won’t miss a thing. Entrance fee will be €3,50 for SPIN members and €4,50 for non-members. 

Lecture: Music interventions in clinical setting

Have you ever noticed that you feel better when listening to your favourite music? And that that is a perfect kind of music for each mood of the day? Or even that you can motivate yourself during sports when listening to music? What about music that can even help with physical pain?

Music has a great influence on our everyday life and is even being used in a clinical setting. This will be addressed during the first lecture of the year by Dr. Nora Schaal, teacher in psychology at the Heinrich Heine University in Germany. She will discuss the psychological and medical aspects of music therapy. Does this seem interesting to you? Get your tickets soon!

Tickets are free for SPiN-members and for non-members it is €1,-. You can get your tickets at SPiN’s common room or online.

The lecture will take place on 19 September at 19.00 in SPA. 01.14.

Missing confirmation mail

Dear members,

It has been found that some members who attempting to sign up will not receive a confirmation email. If you signed up online, you are a SPiN-member. If the logg in doesn't work out, you can always come by at SPiN's common room. We will be open again at the 4th of September. 


Master guide 2017-2018

Dear members,

The master guide for 2017-2018 is now available! In this master guide you can find a lot of information concerning the masters offered in the Netherlands.

You can find the master guide on the website.

Good luck with you master choice!

Board update

Are you curious about the progress with regard to our policy? Read our board update of October/November. 

You can find the board update under the header 'About SPiN', documents.