Deregistration SPiN

Dear SPiN-member,

The study year is already at the end and that means that the activities of SPiN for this year are also at the end. We had a great year with many beautiful activities and a lot of fun, also thanks to you!

The membership at SPiN will be automatically continued every year, so did you finish your bachelor, did you quit the study or do you want to unsubscribe for another reason at SPiN? Please send a deregistration form to or send it by post to:

Room A.00.05c
Montessorilaan 3
6525 HR Nijmegen

Note: Sent the deregistration form before the 15th of August. Your deregistration will be then processed before the next study year starts. Before the 1st of September you will receive a confirmation of your deregistration.

If you are interested in being an alumnus, you can also fill in the alumni registration form. This applies the same procedure as the deregistration form.

If you have already filled in a deregistration form, you don’t have to do it again. 

Board blog - Nina Pijpers

Dear members,

It is already July and that means that this will be the last blog of this association year. Therefore, I consider it an honour to write this last blog for you. That it is already July also means that it is vacation. First years students are already enjoying their well-deserved holiday and hopefully the other years students also. I am very excited for the holidays after a busy board year, although it’s also a pity that this board year is almost at the end.

This board year was a great experience in which, in my opinion, I have developed myself on a personal and a professional level. I have never collaborated so closely with a group of people and afterwards I found it actually very nice. You get the feeling that you can do anything together as a ‘team’. It is nice to see that a new ‘ignorant’ board will experience the same as we did. Furthermore, I also developed myself in a personal way. As a secretary you develop your writing skills during the year. I also notice that I contact people easier if something has to happen, so I take more initiative since this year. Last year, I was sometimes even a bit afraid to call the dentist for an appointment and now I really don’t know why I was ever worried about that.

Master guide 2017-2018

Dear members,

The master guide for 2017-2018 is now available! In this master guide you can find a lot of information concerning the masters offered in the Netherlands.

You can find the master guide on the website.

Good luck with you master choice!

Board update

Are you curious about the progress with regard to our policy? Read our board update of October/November. 

You can find the board update under the header 'About SPiN', documents.